“When the dog bit you” by Misha Tentser


Tell me again
how you felt alive with
the prick of a needle,
the kiss of a flame,
you sprinted the streets of Chicago
until you collapsed on the ground
wishing only for salvation
from what you called “it”

the way “it” infiltrated your life bit by bit
and then all at once
as you sat in front of the mirror
blade in hand,
carving initials into your skin

tell me again how you laughed
when the dog bit you
or cried when mom took away the knives
tell me again how to hold you
as you press tighter and tighter
tell me again how to love you
with my whole being
tell me again how I fell for you
head over heels
tripping on my words
as you sat patiently
looking directly into my eyes
with the warmth of god

tell me again how we sat by Lake Michigan
eating hot dogs and drinking rum
your smile setting my world on fire


Misha Tentser is a Russian-American bartender and writer born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He finds inspiration in the unique strangeness of his hometown, his colorful childhood, and the people he’s met along the way. 

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