Back Patio Press Authors

Alec Ivan Fugate, author of PHOTOGRAPHS OF MADNESS: INSIDE OUT (BPP 2019)

Alec Ivan Fugate is a young writer residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He wrote PHOTOGRAPHS OF MADNESS as both an escape and as an experiment. He found solace from his day job as a dishwasher and the dying light of a long-term relationship by pushing prose further into poetics, exploring how a story can be told using only the aesthetics of language.

Twitter: @alecifugate
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Cavin Bryce Gonzalez, author of I Could Be Your Neighbor, Isn’t That Horrifying? (BPP 2020)

Cavin Bryce Gonzalez is also the founder of Back Patio Press. Why did he write this weird book? Because the world has been boring as of late and he’s sick of it. Because life post-college has been radically unsatisfactory. He lives in Orlando, Florida and that’s probably why he’s always writing about strange people.

Twitter: @CavinBGonzalez
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Neil Clark, author of Time. Wow. (BPP 2020)

Neil Clark is a writer from Edinburgh. For money, he works in an airport, where he witnesses strange things on a daily basis. His collection of flash fiction explores the things we can only dream to do within the seconds, hours, and millennia we have on Earth. Neil covers everything from a love story spanning 65 million years to black holes that swallow our limbs and send them to the future to do their dirty work to the fate of a note left in a jacket for decades.

Twitter: @NeilRClark
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No Glykon, author of Numbskull (BPP 2020)

No Glykon is a writer, designer, and musician based out of Providence, RI. They are stretched upon the plain and covering some nine acres of ground. Two vultures on either side of them are digging their beaks into their liver, and No Glykon keeps on trying to beat them off with their hands, but can not.

Twitter: @NoGlykon
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