by Alec Ivan Fugate


There exists an apartment that omits a warm, comfortable smell. Many have lived in it. Many have gone missing. PHOTOGRAPHS OF MADNESS: INSIDE OUT is a flash fiction collection detailing the experiences of four unique characters as they come to live in that wicked place with each character building on the experiences of the last. Using an abstract writing style, Fugate accurately showcases rapid mental decline and surreal imagery in this emotionally provocative and unnerving work.


“It’s the kind of text that is imbued with all of the best stuff: hidden meanings, implied silences and phantasmagorical imagery. The use of repetition here is fastidious and honestly, astounding. This is real work— work that reads like it was translated meticulously, without losing or sacrificing any of the heart.” 

Mike Kleine, author of ‘Kanley Stubrick’ and ‘Lonely Men Club’

“In Photographs of Madness: Inside Out, all sense and senses are ravaged. This a beautifully vivid and ridiculously poetic read.”
– Arielle Tipa, Founding Editor of Occulum and author of Daughter-Seed (Empty Set Press, 2019)




by Cavin Gonzalez


These are the confessions of a depraved man seeking solace from his invasive thoughts and the Floridian-Hellscape. Short stories. Poems. Some are real. Some are not. You can decide what you want to believe as you take a tour around a neighborhood plagued by the presence of a college graduate struggling with a gas station hotdog diet, an evil twin, poverty, and the ever present whispers from inside his noggin.


“’I COULD BE YOUR NEIGHBOR’ is like a fun-house mirror. You’ll recognize yourself in it but you may not like the reflection.”

– Hannah Gordon, literary angel and CHEAP POP managing editor

“Cavin Gonzalez could be John Barth’s long lost secret step baby. With an appetite for disaster and experimental fiction, Gonzalez is a writer to watch. ‘I Could be Your Neighbor Isn’t That Horrifying’ is one young man’s reckoning that includes puppies, honey chipotle chicken crispers and all kinds of heart.”

– Michael Graves, author of Parade and Dirty One  

“I read Cavin’s flash collection then I shaved my head and drove on the wrong side of the highway, ran naked through Target.”

– Mike Andrelczyk, author of The Iguana Green City & Other Poems


“Cavin Gonzalez is a Floridian Rimbaud, with eyes that see the world more clearly than we do. I Could Be Your Neighbor, a hybrid of prose and poetry, not really comfortable being either, reminds me of the newly-discovered purple octopi roaming the ocean floor – weird, funny, lovable, unexpected, and with more than a touch of menace. Gonzalez’ words are open, yet opaque, horrific and horrifically funny. Listen to this young man, he could be your neighbor. Read his words, you may learn something about yourself. Just be sure to keep your doors locked when he’s out roaming your streets.”

– James Nulick, author of Haunted Girlfriend


coming February 2020 ;-/