Back Patio Press (founded 2018) is a chill place for weird indie lit on the internet and in print. We like stuff that explores the strangeness in the mundane and usually stuff that references junk food or shitty beer.

Our books are printed in small batches and shipped by hand with care (and sometimes special prizes), although most of our titles are also available via Amazon KDP. We average about 3 new titles per year. We take pride in publishing exciting debut novels and collections by the soon-to-be-heartthrobs of indie lit. We are generally not open to book pitches or submissions, although our magazine is erratically open for subs.

We are:

Cavin Bryce Gonzalez – Founder in Chief

Cavin is the former prose editor for SOFT CARTEL. Cavin lives in Florida and is just as odd as you might imagine. Why did he start Back Patio? Because it’s fun. And the art world needs to have more fun.

Twitter: @CavinBGonzalez / Available work.

Zac Smith – Managing Editor

Zac wrote 50 Barn Poems (Clash Books) and has writing all over the internet.

Website: http://zacsmith.net

you can also contact us at: backpatiopress@gmail.com