Here is an interview that might clarify what we’re looking for.

Me and my friends have spent countless hours recounting stories around a table on my back patio. That’s what this space is for. Just some folks sharing things/art in a casual setting. Enjoy the breeze. Back Patio Press aims to celebrate the gritty, horrid aspects of life as well as the tranquil and serene ones.

General Web Submissions:


Thinking about opening for the first weekend of every month. Gonna test this out in March, see how it goes.

Guidelines:   Any prose, either Non-Fiction or Fiction, exceeding 750 words should be submitted individually. If you are submitting flash under 750 words feel free to  include up to three pieces in your submission. For poetry, you can include up to three pages per submission.

Excerpts: If you have an indie book coming out or that has been published in the last year submit up to 2,000 words. If accepted we’ll publish the excerpt and a link to the purchase page.

Art: comics, paintings, collages, sculptures, fuck it.

Fiction: We greatly enjoy the absurdity of everyday life. Slice of life is good but don’t be afraid to get weird with it. Weird shit rules. 1,000 words maximum.

Non-FictionWe strongly recommend sending in book reviews. People should review more books. You can also send essays, grocery lists, diary entries, whatever you want really. 1,500 words maximum.

Poetry: Up to 3 pages maximum.

please include a brief author bio written in the third person to accompany your submission.

submit work to using the subject line format: “Title of Piece” by Author Name [category]. If you are submitting more than one piece simply include the number of pieces, your name, and the category you are submitting to.