“A Human Heart” by Austin Davis


I’m missing you,
so obviously, this cloud
looks like a heart.

Not the corporate, greeting
card, capitalist kind of heart,
all cartoonish and fake,

or the smooth shape
two swans’ necks make
when they’re about
to get it on
to some lofi jazz shit,

but a real heart.

This is the kind of heart
I’ve drawn at the bottom
of every love poem
I’ve ever written you.

This is a human heart,
gross and squishy –
as raw and intimate

as standing naked in the daylight
in front of your soulmate
for the first time.

This is the kind of heart
that makes sure
your hand pulls out a dollar

every time a homeless woman
tells a shopping cart
about her childhood.

This is the only sad, beautiful
little thing no poet could ever
find a way to capture
with a pen or a cigarette,

the soft, juicy peach
floating through our night’s
quiet chest, far too in love

with the way its sun
will always love the color purple
at 5 in the afternoon

to take another beat
or shed another tear.

Austin Davis is a poet and student activist currently studying Creative Writing at ASU. Austin’s writing has been widely published in dozens of literary journals and magazines including Pif Magazine, After the Pause, Philosophical Idiot, Soft Cartel, and Collective Unrest. Austin’s first two books, Cloudy Days, Still Nights and Second Civil War were both published by Moran Press in 2018.  

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