“Connecting Passengers” by Neil Clark



I’m sitting in an airport departure lounge, opposite a person in red.

The person in red gets up and heads to their gate, accidentally leaving their phone on their seat.

Whoever is on the next seat notices and picks the phone up. They run after the person in red, leaving their own bag on their seat.

A thief appears. Picks the bag up. Runs away with it.

Someone sees this and starts chasing the bag thief, leaving their own belongings on their seat.

Another thief comes along. They pick the left belongings up. They start running.

An onlooker gives chase, leaving their stuff on the seat, which gets swiped by another thief, who gets chased by someone else who leaves their things, which get lifted. The lifter gets chased. The chaser, robbed. The robber, chased…

I turn to look out the window and see planes taking off and landing every few minutes, departing for and arriving from destinations all around the world.

I think about the planet spinning while it orbits the sun.

I accept my fate. The person in red will come full circle and they will give chase to me, on this trip or the next.


Neil Clark is a writer from Edinburgh. For money, he works in an airport, where he witnesses stranger things than the above on a daily basis. Find him and his tweet-sized micro fictions on Twitter @NeilRClark, and visit neilclarkwrites.wordpress.com for a full list of publications.

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