“The Party” by Anthony AW


Katie invited me— she lost her cowboy hat, but her friends found it, as some girl almost stole it & was caught. Katie rolled around while Kana & I did coke & afterwards we all danced to 1999 in 2019, while my black Chelsea fringe boots swayed with the mood. I was new to the group. Sydney sat on the couch & watched. Fernet left of the stove, Hanna welcomed me to the party. She’d be the shroomsgirl. In her room, four of them lounged on a full bed. Their limbs kept touching each other’s in that kind of close you only see in highschool friendships. It was there that Patrick corrected my pronunciation of ‘Franz Kline’ in an assholic fashion, but I found it sexy. Jacob mentioned that he was heading back to Indonesia sometime soon, & I didn’t care. He kept going on about ‘finding himself’ there. I lost my Kachina Doll ring at the party & suspect one of those mentioned above to have taken it— probably Katie.


Anthony AW (he/they) is an LA-based writer. Their work has been or will be published in Boston Accent Lit, Drunk Monkeys, FIVE:2:ONE, & Mojave He[art] Review. His micro-chapbook, Pantoum’d!, will be published by Ghost City Press for their 2019 Summer Series.

twitter: @an__o__

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