2 Poems by Susie Fought


Liquid Gold


If I had to describe her skin it would be deep gold liquid
spilling fire
spilling danger like a super nova
an explosion of arrows aimed to maim
but when she slept next to me I could almost cry with the weight of her anchoring my life into a snug corner
as long as she slept in my bed she was mine
my own wild horse
if only in sleep if only in my imagination
because all these years later it is so obvious
I would never be hers
not like I wanted
the truth is she slept in my bed simply because it was there
halfway through her day and her night
she stumbled in and flopped here beside me
not mine
not belonging to anyone
liquid gold
warming my bed for a while





“When You Left”


When you left you took the floor with you

The cross beams. The concrete. And even the dirt underneath
I was floating on fear
I nearly drowned in anxiety

My father brought houseplants
When the dark got too thick to breathe

When you left you took my frame of reference
My mirror
My who I am
My why I am here

I painted myself onto you and then you left

Susie Fought’s words have been published in various small collections put together by friends including three volumes of BREW, available on Lulu Press. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she now lives with too many dogs in Berkeley, California.

website: http://www.susiefought.com

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