“CATFIGHT” by Valium Hippy



i’m taking selfies with valium under my tongue
we’ll be fucking at your house at night

all the boys that i kiss look the same
i’m longing for a life with meaning, but leaving my future for a graceless party

i want cash money, and also golden jewlery
mama is on tranquilizers so i put on my best saturday shoes real tight
and get to your house to eat your butt

wish i could stay the night
sleep over with my head on your chest
my dick is on fire, so i’d like to touch you if you let me

next morning you’re acting like i didn’t eat you good
i was high, i’m clueless, i’m dumb, babe
but what a beautiful song i sing
when i know i’m young and terribly obsessed with you

i hate crocodile tears, but i get obsessed with yours
but i can also go “whatever” in a minute like i’m warhol

for minor inconveniences i’m willing to end me
your words cut like razors on my thighs
i hate going nuts, but you’re asking for it

i’m drawing your face in a canvas
and sending you the moon emoji
don’t laugh at me, i drank a little bit
and i think i fucking love you
despite the shade, despite disgrace

to be fair, deep inside i’m aware
the only reason you’re rejecting me is because
your lips are ugly and your ass is small
mine’s not, so it’s fine


Valium Hippy (birth name Rogério Berardo Filho) is a writer and poet born and living in Recife, in northeastern Brazil. He is currently 20 years old, LGBT, a dog dad, loves tranquilizer medication and writes to cope with mental health complications.

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