“it’s raining again” by Arlene Antoinette


it’s raining again

and the little ones are sequestered in their
homes for the afternoon. Today they are forbidden
to go outside and play. I stand by my
window looking out on the wetness
of the street and chuckle. My lawn
is free of little feet running to and fro.
My grass is being nurtured instead
of laid on. My driveway is spotless.
My garage door is safe. I sip my peppermint
tea, which goes down smoothly, and all
is well in my small world until the sun
comes out and the young ones break free
from their holdings.


Arlene Antoinette is a writer who enjoys dabbling in poetry, flash fiction and song lyrics. Additional poetry by Arlene may be found @ Foxglove Journal, Cagibi Lit, Better Than Starbucks, Mojave Heart Review, With Painted Words, London Grip, Literary Heist and Your Daily Poem.

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