‘Impaired Triptych’ by Peter James Burke


I’m high as balls
and my cousin is doing 90
around the f-zero highways
I’m a little worried cuz 
he’s really ripping the pen but
His tolerance is way
higher than mine which
also worries me but
in a way less immediate


drunk driving my
blue volvo s70 half a mile
home from the frat party which
isn’t that far so
its fine and
I live next to a hospital so 
its fine and
why drive a volvo if not
to feel safe


easy access shell station off
the freeway 5am monday
benny & the jets playing thinly from
sun begins to wash out the black in the east 
exposing you
the pump is showing the merriam-webster word
of the day on the dystopic video screen
reverberating chunk of your tank
you need a shower
you’d hoped to return under cover of night but like
a fucked up pinocchio you are real once more

Peter James Burke is thoroughly confused by the world, and with no satisfactory answers forthcoming, he writes fiction. Born in Michigan. Educated in Tennessee. Marooned in the Hudson Valley. Now, writing in Boston. Reach out to him on twitter @PeterJamesBurke, he’d really enjoy that.

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