2 Poems by Aaron Adkins


Living for Two
For someone who doesn’t believe
In god, I ask about you a lot
Always hoping I might be wrong
And get an answer

I tell myself the lie:
There’s no way I could’ve known–
But maybe I did

In the way you walked
Head hung low, weighed
Down into the Earth

I just didn’t know how to help

You couldn’t bear it,
Now I’m gonna carry that weight




The hint of a spark
Hungering to burn
This forest of palms
To ash, to Dust
In the waste bin of heaven

The smoke
Caressing me like a child
In a blanket

Take a minute
To lay in the grass,
And flow in the wind,
Like fish
in a stream

We don’t have to go back.


Aaron Adkins is a senior at the University of North Florida. He is an English Major with a minor in Film Studies. His poetry is forthcoming in Badlands Literary Journal. For more follow him on twitter @MikeyIsAaron.