“what we’ve been doin while we wait” by Anthony Kelly


been earnin these blisters on our fingertips
with sweat in our dad’s wool socks

been stackin up these antlers – these elbows –
all this driftwood in the front yard.

been huskin our lungs out thinkin about tomorrow
after they’ve all dried out in the sun

how we’ll just steep em in gasoline –
toss in our big cigs to light em all up.

that’s one big fire ya got there!
neighbors comin in from all around
been just sittin here really, warmin whiskey
bottles in the embers – watchin their labels rust. 


Anthony Kelly is a writer living and working outside of Toronto. His work has appeared in various publications, the most recent being BARNHOUSE Journal. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Jam & Sand Journal.