“cello needles” by Aqeel Parvez


senseless and real

illogical death of hours.

a beheaded dumbbell death,

a cat creeping sideways

a cat leaping over fences.

cello needles nearing,

ravished concertos of pain

thrown to barbaric knife,

drowning with the angels

drowning with the hours,

drowning in yourself.

we tremble and shake

when the lights come on,

staggering out into a world

that starves a man of strength

like a raw pig with no meat

on its bones.


Aqeel Parvez is a poet who lives in Leeds, UK. He is the author of the chapbook The Streetlights Are Beckoning Nirvana (Analog Submission Press). His work has been published in 16 Pages Press, Sludge Lit, Horror Sleaze Trash, Back Patio Press, Saturday Night Bombers. Find him on instagram @ap.writer, & twitter @aqeelparvez