“Anvil eyelids fall– ” Kayla Lutz



And I don’t remember a damn thing
You could have told me:
that you were a ghost or
perhaps the dog was carried away by
an owl or that you wanted to
leave the country and wouldn’t be
home to make coffee in the morning or maybe
the dryer was on fire but
the woodstove was already broken so
at least we’re warm for the night or
that you want to streak while
jumping out of a plane! Your penis
airborne for the first time!
You could even have told me that Atlantis was
discovered inside the stomach of
a beached Loch Ness monster but—
why would it have mattered anyway?

You would still be gone—
so let me sleep.


Kayla Lutz is a poet living in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. They are a poetry editor and the social media manager of Periwinkle Literary Magazine. Their work has previously appeared in Royal Rose Magazine. You can find her unpublished ramblings on

Twitter: @Oh_Kay_Poet.