“No Flavor” by Mika Hrejsa




black-on-black kicks splayed forward
toes up to the indiana sun dimming
melting under 55 degrees
artifacted smirks & sour smiles
i sink below limestone fangs
blunted with petrified sponges
watching immensity pass me by

capacity to give a shit prepaid via
oxycodone-coated credit cards
declined, declined–i keep licking
off the oxy dust anyway

comforts superficial before
they touch the mouth
a baby viperfish threading
thru my eye sockets making
it live off candy roaches
feeding the surrogate anger

a sugar-coated silence begins
to flood the street, only skeletons remain

low-hanging moon dumped on
by a cherry slushie
donating my bloodsweets to wolf howls

i take a hit off the vape my boyfriend
gave me for the anniversary of the
first time i blew him in a parking lot
on Anna Marie Island
lungs liquefy and begin to drip
onto my stomach
smoke right through my chest gaped
like coastal vortex
spitting out platinum buckshot
bubbling up from my esophagus

making myself into fragments
pair of chuck taylor’s my gravestone
i’m not picking up the pieces


Mika Hrejsa is a trans girl and poet from rural Indiana. She mainly writes about identity, sexuality, and trauma. She tweets @tokyo_vamp. Her work can be found at http://neutralspaces.co/mikahrejsa/