3 Poems by Tom Snarsky


Moral Desert


Laura Jensen’s blog is called
spice drawer mouse and her avi
is a selfie with her flip phone

I long for this Game Boy
Advance SP energy renewable
battery pak no one start yet

damn I still have all these CDRs
left even though I used
like 40 to burn everything I had

by Lil Wayne for a stupid
reason at least I gave them
away no one need know

about the hours I spent
nor that this act was just
a placebo for the music

I wanted to burn and give
to you instead your whole face
your body on the roof with me

your mouth full of ropes




Theory of Suicide


I finger the airlock switch like
It’s a small, inconsequential thing

Life is way harder than reading
Wikipedia pages for trees

I watch porn on my phone instead
Of dancing and feel bad about it

It is funny and complicated
To be a window into grief

I have done almost nothing
All week and the sunrise is imminent

Hey let me borrow your shirt
The universe is about to begin



Psychometrician, Among The Flowers

I expect the love to end
Because instead of looking
At you I’m looking down

At the gladioli wondering
How they got so tall
And look so strong like

Two to five feet of
Worry + water isn’t nothing
Their riot of colors how

They flower every year if
Treated well if you got
Sick I don’t know what I’d

Do become a casualty
Of morning wash my hair
In secret I owe so much

Debt to your heartbeat’s
Chamber music arr. a
Mother with love from a

Piano piece that’s less
Well known now the tune
A warm memory when

You hear its new timbre
You become aware
Of a debt hand in the

River testing the water
In the dream I fall off the
Horse instead of talking

To the Dutch boy so you’ll
Be happy the pictures
I take will come out well

Terza rima will be re-
Instated starting now and
The belt you buckled

Round my throat’ll tighten
Like a shot of the lake
Moored boats like grave

Stones standing at
Attention walking on water
We need not rehearse

These debts recorded in
Pictures in the ledger
Of life a box somewhere

Unopened for years
Not hiding a secret   but
Not not hiding it either


Tom Snarsky’s chapbook Recent Starred Trash comes out soon from marlskarx.

“Seventeen Senryū” by Tom Snarsky



I’m the pinball, falling absurdly back down when you miss the skill shot

The party ended four hours ago and you are just now arriving

Picking over the trash heap of your heart, you find nothing worth saving

The thing about beautiful sculptures made of shit is they’re made of shit

You try to have sex but your legs feel like they’ve already given up

I reach out across the space of the dream and try in vain to touch you

Love’s like horseradish: you have some & then fail to taste anything else

Remember that you are a molehill that can step on other molehills

Dermatologist recommended for when you’ve cried so hard you glow

When I waste water I think about the future, how dry it will be

Why get worked up about something when our collective end is so near

You climax and are immediately filled with a vast emptiness

True & brutal fact: yesterday’s future is none other than today

I’ve started to think in these now, which at least means I’ve started to think

Unicorns are in. Lisa Frank unicorns, by contrast, are way in

Please don’t look at me like I’m your father texting you with emojis

Mind like a diaper: changed frequently in light of new information


Tom Snarsky is getting married soon.