Two Flash Pieces by Bram Riddlebarger



The Complete History of the United States of America

The piston rod shot through the engine like the news of a divorce. We didn’t bother to ask for the TV. Wyoming was that kind of place.


On the ride back east, the bus was filled with the shadows of passengers, who sat in their seats like the British were coming.






Your Feet Can Take You Anywhere

He scraped his feet across the worn linoleum floor. His calluses whispered faintly like a song issuing forth from a theater as you stand outside in the gutter. Small scraps of delight while dirty rainwater runs freely over your feet. His calluses were made of La bohème, but he dreamed of Hamilton like the American shore.


Bram Riddlebarger is the author two novels, Earplugs (Livingston Press) and Golden Rod (Cabal Books).

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