3 Poems by Mike Andrelczyk


The guy that drew the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner Cartoon

He was probably often ridiculously sad 

like all of us get sometimes

drinking a beer looking at a yellow wall

and then he would spend endless hours 

at a drawing desk drawing cels  

that slowly moved the Coyote

closer to some inevitable cartoon cliff edge or fake mountain tunnel 

to some hilarious not-death

and that was his job

Oyster No. 1

The first person

To ever eat 

An oyster

Was probably


The first person

To eat a rock


I was walking

To the purple school

The purple school

Was far away

And small

And as I walked 

The school

Never grew

And I started to run


The school never grew

It was after midnight

And I was late for school

And I’m 36.


Mike Andrelczyk lives in Strasburg, PA. He is the author of the chapbook “The Iguana Green City & Other Poems” (Ghost City Press, 2018). Find more work at neutral spaces.co/mikeandrelczyk.

New Book: “Dissolving” (Alien Buddha Pres) available here.

twitter: @MikeAndrelczyk


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