“Venom Stained Band-Aid” by Nate Hoil

When you roughed up the snake charmer
you forgot about the snake
and got bit. 
Don’t worry I will bring a hammer. 
When I get there I will bring the hammer down. 
For now keep one eye on the snake and
one eye on your swelling venom filled blood vessels. 
Today started with such up-tempo preparation 
drinking coffee standing up
thinking you could walk into anywhere 
and talk them into hiring you full time, 
thinking you were headed towards an X marked 
treasure chest. 
Soon after, the day revealed its
inability to send positive plotlines your way. 
I even heard 911 left a voicemail message 
word for word imitating 
a voicemail message you left them 
proving you are a cotton candy brain. 
You’ve probably got soft fluffy bunnies 
in your picture book. 
I get bundled up indoors and go outdoors.
One week into January 
I am disintegrated and reconstructed 
into a bag of frozen vegetables.
I cartwheel over moving traffic headed your way. 
When I get there you are dead and
the snake is gone.
The charmer sees the snake in his dreams.

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