2 Poems by Bobby Vanecko


When I had a pet gecko
It lived a happy life
I think
Until one day
When I returned to
Find the gecko had been 
Eaten by the
Crickets that 
Were supposed to
Be its food.


Can we please
Go back to 
Your uncle’s house
In Wisconsin
The house
That was used in
The movie
Amityville Horror
The house is 
Definitely haunted
But it’s beautiful
Even with the 
Piles of dead bees
That filled the 
Upstairs rooms 
I am not afraid
Of ghosts 
Or death
But bees are 
Another thing
If they are still
Luckily these ones
Were dead
But even if 
The bees were
I would go back
With you 
I would be okay
Even if I was
A million times
And I swelled up
Like that girl 
Who turned into
A blueberry 
From Charlie and 
The Chocolate Factory
And then I exploded
Into a million pieces
That would be 
Fine with me
As long as
I was 
With you
In Wisconsin
At your uncle’s

Bobby Vanecko is a writer and photographer from Chicago. He is going to move soon, but he’s not sure where yet. He can be found on twitter and instagram @online_webpage. 

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