3 Poems by Bobby Vanecko


My grandpa was talking about his friend 
Who he says has gone crazy and is hearing voices
He says the voices are evil and tell you to kill yourself
He says that she is on meds now
But she is not the same on the pickle ball court. 

Bapa II

Watching the
World Strongman Competition
While waiting for our food
At the Italian restaurant
My grandpa is talking shit
About Catholic nuns 
He says at school they would 
Drag you places by your
Which is why
He has 
Long earlobes
To this day.  
He is wearing a shirt 
That says
I heart the Jesuit Pope. 


Shovel your way
Out of the shit
With a golden 
Two coats 
Unless you are 
Like me and 
Can’t seem to
Get out
Of the shit
In that case
Live in 
The shit
The shit
And then 
Write about it
Shit writing
About shit
Thank you

Bobby Vanecko is a writer and photographer from Chicago. He is going to move soon, but he’s not sure where yet. He can be found on twitter and instagram @online_webpage. 

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