Best of the Month

November 2019



October 2019

“Wounded” by Mileva Anastasiadou

“Declaration” by Stephen Ground

2 poems by Nathaniel Duggan

“Dispatch from the Dollar Hot Dog Line” by Connor Goodwin


September 2019

“The Spire Has Fallen” by Nick Wort

“Sunshine Butterflies” by Jon Berger

“A Meaningless Exercise in Self-Discipline” by Scott Litts

2 Poems by Kyle Kirshbom

“In Conversation with a Recurring Character from the Nighttime” by Jessalyn Johnson


August 2019

2 Poems by Rickey Rivers Jr.

“Racing Against Ghosts” by Daniel Eastman

“Art’s Chicken and Memory Depository” by Tiffany Belieu

2 Poems by Jill Bergantz Carley

“Ten Years After The War” by Travis Cravey


July 2019

“Faceless in Nippon” by Dale Brett

Visual Art by Stuart Buck

“Not going home” by Graham Irvin

“CATFIGHT” by Valium Hippy

“The Dawn of Spectator Sports” by Thad DeVassie


June 2019

“The Weather Maker” by Craig Rodgers

“Janky Bourbon” by J. Edward Kruft & “Rona and Frank” 

Art by G.P. DeSalvo

“Faster Food” by Michael Grant Smith

“Connecting Passengers” by Neil Clark


May 2019

“My Hands Smell like Money” by Giacomo Pope

Two Poems by Kat Giordano  & “MEATSPACE” by Kat Giordano

“7th Grade” by Austin Davis

“Seventeen Senryū” by Tom Snarsky

Two Poems by Adrian Belmes